It's...Marc Martin's Home Page!

Welcome to my home page! I live on the west coast of America with my wife Tracy, our German Shepherd dog, and 2 cats.

I currently work as a "Rocket Scientist" on Sea Launch, which launches commercial satellites into orbit using Russian rockets launched from a platform in the Pacific Ocean. I work in the flight design group, which determines the rocket trajectory into space.

Tracy owns (and teaches at) a yoga studio!

On the Internet, I run the SHADO discussion group and the UFO Series Home Page, both devoted to the 1970 British science fiction television show "UFO".

My e-mail address is 

Here are some photos. Click on any photo to see a larger version!

Tasha Dog

Shadow Rose (deceased)

Devil Cat

Maggie Cat

Marc & Tracy

At Cannon Beach, Oregon

In Maui, Hawaii (May 2004)

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