Synopsis: A UFO avoids interception by following a NASA space probe back to Earth. As SHADO searches for the landed UFO in a wooded area of England, an Alien spies on show jumper Russ Stone and his sister Anne at their nearby farm. A hippie who is camped out on their land is killed by the Alien. Russ then mysteriously dissappears, and the missing person report leads Col. Foster to investigate. Foster suspects that the UFO is hiding at the bottom of a nearby lake after Anne points out how unusually quiet the wildlife is there. The Mobiles are brought in, and after firing a few depth charges the UFO surfaces to fight. The UFO is destroyed, but a large cylinder survives -- is it a bomb which will detonate when taken back to SHADO HQ? [Spoiler]

Writers: David Lane and Bob Bell.
Director: David Lane.
Guest Cast: Susan Jameson as Anne, Michael Jayston as Russ, Richard Vernon as Stone.

Featured Characters: Straker, Foster.
Featured Hardware: SHADO Mobiles, UFO.

Review: An excellent episode featuring a strong guest cast and a spectacular UFO-mobile shootout. Grade: A-

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