Synopsis: Acting in his cover as a film studio executive, Straker is interviewed by a Miss Josephine Fraser. Miss Fraser accidentally leaves her purse and tape recorder behind after the interview ends, but later retrieves them. Straker suspects that some SHADO communications may have been recorded onto her tape, and after discovering she is not with the press he decides to track her down himself, leaving Col. Freeman in command. After a struggle and a car chase, Straker finally gets the tape, but then starts becoming attracted to her. Meanwhile, Col. Freeman is having a difficult time in charge of SHADO, as a UFO sighting turns out to be a weather balloon, and a Russian lunar surface vehicle is out of control on a collision course with Moonbase! [Spoiler]

Writer: Tony Barwick.
Director: Alan Perry.
Guest Cast: Jane Merrow as Jo Fraser.

Featured Characters: Straker, Freeman, Foster, Ellis, Ealand, Ford.
Featured Hardware: SID, Interceptors, Skydiver, Sky One, Moonmobiles.

Review: This is a fairly decent episode, even if it is a bit silly. And we get some added insight into Straker's personal life and Freeman's character. Grade: C+

Note: This episode was not shown during the initial 1970-71 UFO broadcast by ATV (England) due to a racy scene between Straker and Miss Fraser. It was eventually aired in 1973, but even then it was shown at 11:30 PM!

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