Synopsis: During a UFO attack, SID is disabled and a reentering spacecraft piloted by Captain Craig Collins dissappears. When Collins is discovered on an island weeks later, Straker immediately assigns him to the SID repair mission. However, Col. Lake and Col. Grey both notice that Collins' behavior is different than it was before. Grey recommends that Collins be dropped from the mission, but does not have enough proof to convince Straker. During training, Collins injures co-pilot Foster, and insists that Straker is the only person qualified to replace him on such short notice. Once in space, Straker realizes that Grey was right -- Collins is under Alien control and plans to kill him! [Spoiler]

Writer: Terence Feely.
Director: David Lane.
Guest Cast: Derren Nesbitt as Craig Collins, Gary Raymond as Col. Grey.

Featured Characters: Straker, Foster, Lake, Jackson.
Featured Hardware: SID, Moonbase.

Review: A very good episode featuring a great guest cast, great special effects, and an interesting plot. Grade: A-

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