Synopsis: A UFO approaches a reentering lunar module piloted by Col. Foster and Capt. Craig, and implants an urge for them to kill Straker. Back on Moonbase, Foster becomes unusually critical of Straker. Capt. Craig unsuccessfully attempts to kill Straker in his sleep, and then tries to blow up Moonbase's air and water supplies. Foster then sends a critical report on Straker to General Henderson, which leads to a confrontation between Straker and Foster in the Moonbase Control sphere. Foster pulls a gun, a bullet punctures the sphere, and the two pass out from a lack of oxygen. On Earth, Foster's urge to kill Straker is discovered under hypnosis. Will Foster have to be eliminated? [Spoiler]

Writer: Donald James.
Director: Alan Perry.

Featured Characters: Straker, Freeman, Foster, Ellis.
Featured Hardware: Moonbase, Lunar Module, UFO, SID.

Review: An excellent episode with lots of action and conflict. Grade: A

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