Synopsis: A UFO is reportedly shot down by a navy ship. Straker investigates, as he fears the Aliens have found a way to escape detection. Skydiver searches for wreckage, but the ocean is too deep at that point. A navy admiral refuses to give details of the incident or the ship's mission, so Straker investigates his secretary. They discover that the secretary is sending messages to the Aliens via a special telescope in her apartment. The navy ship is sent out to sea again, so Straker tells the admiral that whatever their mission is, the Aliens know about it. The admiral admits that they are disposing of a highly toxic nerve gas, and if the ship were attacked, all life on Earth would be destroyed! [Spoiler]

Writer: Dennis Spooner.
Director: Ken Turner.
Guest Cast: Stephanie Beacham as Sarah Bosenquet, Edwin Richfield as Admiral Sheringham.

Featured Characters: Straker, Foster, Lake, Henderson.
Featured Hardware: Skydiver, Interceptors.

Review: An excellent episode, with a strong guest cast, good suspense, and great special effects. However, it doesn't make much sense that the Aliens would want to destroy all life on Earth, since they supposedly depend on human bodies for their own survival! Grade: A

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