Synopsis: Moonbase suddenly experiences periodic unexplained communication blackouts. Col. Foster suspects it may be due to interference from the "Dalotek" base which has been temporarily setup nearby. However, after interrogating the team and checking the equipment, everything seems to be in order. Nevertheless, Foster sets up a landline to communicate with the base, and begins flirting with its female team member Jane Carson. A subsequent blackout occurs during a lunar module landing attempt, which causes the module to crash and kills the crew. Foster blames the Dalotek base and disables the only piece of equipment capable of causing the blackouts. However, this does not work either, as another blackout later occurs as a UFO is coming in for an attack! [Spoiler]

Writer: Ruric Powell.
Director: Alan Perry.
Guest Cast: Tracy Reed as Jane Carson.

Featured Characters: Straker, Foster, Ford.
Featured Hardware: Lunar Module, Moonmobile, UFO.

Review: This episode is not great, but not terrible either. The mysterious blackouts are rather intriguing, but The Foster-Carson romance is corny, and Straker is uncharacteristically grouchy! Grade: C+

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